”Sesungguhnya aku sedang menasihati kamu, bukanlah bererti akulah yang terbaik dalam kalangan kamu. Bukan juga yang paling soleh dalam kalangan kamu, kerana aku juga pernah melampaui batas untuk diri sendiri. Seandainya seseorang itu hanya dapat menyampaikan dakwah apabila dia sempurna, nescaya tidak akan ada pendakwah. Maka akan jadi sikitlah orang yg memberi peringatan.”

-Imam Hasan Al-Basr

Monday, 14 May 2012


Last two days, I had dinner with my uncle's family. We talked about family stuff and a little bit of my life here. Bla bla bla bla.On the way back to UUM, uncle told me to recite Manzil after Subuh prayer and Asar Prayer. He said it is a very good medium to protect us from any evil devil or the cruel human, insyaAllah.

I have a book of Manzil together with SurahYassin but unfortunately I never even give a review on Manzil. Bad me :( I never knew about all the benefits in there until uncle told me. I just know that they are  a compilations of al-Quran's verses.

So I decided to recite the Manzil and make myself understand with all the single verse there. When I recited that, those verses sound very familiar to me. Then I remembered, all these verses I once had remembered it during my school time for ayat hafazan. Obviously, I remembered them just for the purpose of examination coz now they are no longer in my head, they just sound familiar. I'm really disappointed with myself. 

So my dear sisters and brothers out there, once you have the opportunity to remember ayat2 al-Quran, please dont use it only for the purpose of exam, please remember it till forever and recites it every single day. Its good for our soul. Believe me.

And you can get Manzil convenient book for only RM4 at all bookstores out there. Who knows with only this small amount of penny can bring you to Jannah :)

Here are the verses for Manzil. Just a short and simple one;

  • Surah al-Fatihah
  • Surah al-Baqarah: 1-5, 163, 255-257, 284-286 
  • Surah Ali Imran: 18, 26-27
  • Surah al-A'raf: 54-56
  • Surah al-Isra': 110-111
  • Surah al-Mukminun: 115-118
  • Surah al-Saffaat: 1-11
  • Surah al-Rahman: 33-40
  • Surah al-Hashr: 21-24
  • Surah al-Jinn: 1-4
  • Surah al-Kafirun
  • Surah al-Ikhlas
  • Surah al-Falaq
  • Surah al-Nas

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